Crater in a bread

Molnar KrisztinaCrater in a home-made bread

ready-made –  2009, Timisoara/Romania
hardware: Moulinex Home Bread
baker: Csiki Zsolt

The big crater/hole in the center of this home-made bread was created accidentally. It is like the “Kinder Surprise” toy but there is nothing inside, and Ajna still like it. Maybe, this paranormal phenomena was done because the name of the artist “Molnar” in translation means miller.

(Editorial note) I imagine myself 20 times smaller inside of a crater like this when the bread is baking – that hot smmmmmell concentrated in one place, and I sprinkle a bit of butter on the interior wall. Actually if we bake a large scale bread, this idea can turn into a luxurious sauna for rich people and the byproduct (bread) can be eat by poor people – after the sauna is over, and the bread is cold.