Loving Diversity

Mannz Bageri,Lund
Sweden, 2024

LOVING DIVERSITY. We may be of different dough, hood and shape. But we have also a lot in common like the connecting bits and pieces, and our shared memories.

Take our flamboyant Danish pastry with almond twist and our rather straight Austrian wheat stick: apart from that they met each other at MANNZ in Lund for the first time, they really do love each other’s poppy seeds … Friendship forever.

Take care of each other and see you at MANNZ!

Belly and fire

Andrea d’Amore – Ventre e fuoco
convivium performance, Traffic Festival
San Lorenzo in Campo (PU), 2019

“However, an inclination exists, far from style, that passes from the body and its awareness of being able to receive. The inclination to sabotage the code and disobey the solitary advantage. In this sense, food and the practice of cooking, intended as care for the feast, is able to include and undertake the possibility of the gift, which is typical of a feminine dimension of cooking, more attentive to abundance for all than accumulation for the few.”

Bread museum

In 1955 the first bread museum was born in Ulm as “German Bread Museum”. In 2002,
has been renamed to “Museum of Bread Culture” in order to improve their transformed content. Today, the collection of Museum is about 18,000 pieces from different cultures and many parts of the world. Special interest is the cultural importance of bread from ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean to the rice cultures of Asia…

A special feature of the collection makes the collection of works of visual art. Examples are the outstanding artists such as Ernst Barlach, Max Beckmann, George Grosz, Kathe Kollwitz and Pablo Picasso. Another focus are the paintings of the 17’th Century, with religious and secular works by Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Jan Flegel, or Frans Francken. Finally, a significant inventory made of contemporary works, demonstrating the extent to which artists like Man Ray, Salvador Dalí, Joseph Beuys or Mark Lüpertz have dealt with the issue.

Find out more on their website (german only)



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