Product Placement

Product Placement – Dave Pollot
Original Oil on Thrift Painting

He discribes his process of work:

“I find discarded prints and paintings (ones you may have inherited from great grandma and brought to your local donation bin), and make additions. Sometimes I paint monsters, other times zombies, and most times some pop culture reference- Star Wars, Futurama, Ghostbusters, Mario Brothers…the list goes on. I use oil paints and do my best to match the style of the original artist. My hope is to take these out of the trash can and into a good home; full-circle- from a print that proudly hung on your Grandma’s wall, to a painting that proudly hangs on yours.”

Discarded oil painting with painted over in addition
Artist’s website, his works on Instagram @davepollotart

He also writes: “Painting has always been something of a hobby to me, but it wasn’t until I started repurposing thrift art in 2012 that I did it with any real consistency.  The idea actually began as a joke between my wife (who loves to shop at thrift stores) and I, but it quickly evolved into an attempt to answer a question:  Could I take a piece of unwanted art, and without changing its aesthetic, change its meaning by painting into it some bit of pop culture/nostalgia and make it desirable in the modern world?  Since that time, I’ve also started to explore a number of more personal themes in my work.”

His favorite themes are movie parodies, television parodies, horror parodies, old market expansion series, video game parodies and surrealist art.

Memories of our ancestors

Christos Foukara

These three bodies of works are testimony to Foukaras’ conscious effort to keep the traditional image of Cyprus and the people who lived in past times vibrant in our memory.

Memories of our ancestors

Foukaras, from Kissonerga, studied art at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (1970–1976). After his studies he moved to Athens where he worked and exhibited a series of works inspired by the events of 1974. From 1979 until 2004, he worked as an art teacher in secondary schools.

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My wife the Queen

Prince Philip – The Queen at Breakfast
Windsor Castle – 1965

The Duke of Edinburgh is known for his appreciation of fine art, but less well known is his own talent for applying oils to canvas.

The Queen is shown at her breakfast table reading (one hopes) The Daily Mail  The Queen is shown at her breakfast table

The table is covered with a crisp white tablecloth, the plates, cups and saucers are white china, and there is a whole loaf of fresh bread with a jar of what appears to be marmalade, the spoon standing poised for use inside.

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Bread paintings

Jessica Naisbitt – Bread paintings

Jessica Naisbitt enjoys getting creative in the kitchen with a special bread dough recipe that can be sculpted, baked and painted.

image copyright: Daneielle Colvin

image copyright: Daneielle Colvin

image copyright: Daneielle Colvin

Jessica has perfected a bread dough recipe that she uses to make intricate sculptures, which are then mounted on canvas.

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Still Life with Chilled Wine

Luis Egidio Meléndez (1716-1780) – Still Life with Chilled Wine
Luis Egidio Melendez was a Spanish still-life painter during the eighteenth century. Melendez was the son of a Spanish miniaturist painter from the small town of Oveido, Pain.

Still Life with Chilled Wine
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