Workman sitting on a basket, cutting bread

Vincent Van Gogh – Workman sitting on a basket, cutting bread
The Hague, 1882
Transfer lithography, crayon and autographic ink 49 x 31,5 cm
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Today 139 years ago, on 4 February 1883, Vincent van Gogh wrote to Anthon van Rappard from The Hague:

“As to the lithographs, the one of the chap sitting on a basket slicing his bread is a failure. When it was being transferred to the stone, the upper half came out all blotted and I could only partly correct it with the scraper.”

Good Enough to Eat

Margaret Harrison – Good Enough to Eat
1971 – Lithograph on paper

sexy women in a burger
Good Enough to Eat 1971 Margaret Harrison born 1940 Presented by Curwen Studio through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975

Grocery List Sketched by Michelangelo

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti – Grocery List
March 18, 1518

Owned by the Casa Buonarroti museum in Florence, Italy, this 500-year-old list was written and illustrated by the sculptor/painter/poet/personality on the back of a letter. Michelangelo’s servant was likely illiterate, so Michelangelo sketched out what he wanted to eat.

In March 1518, Michelangelo feasted on fish and bread

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Chalk Street Art

Keith Haring – Chalk Street Art

Keith Haring was an unusual character among the many street art legends that emerged from the New York graffiti scene, more of which you can read about in 20th Century & the Rise of Graffiti. While many graffiti and artists took to leaving their distinctive graffiti on trains and walls with spray cans, Keith Haring could be found merging experimental performance art with his graffiti street art, usually created in white chalk on black backgrounds.

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