Sweetheart toaster – 1922

toaster from 1920

This “Universal” toaster model E9410 was patented in 1929. Fondly called the “Sweetheart,” the toaster has a feminine appeal with its earring-like handles, diamond-shaped body, and floral and arabesque decoration. The delicate design of this metal casing helped to shield the industrial nature of the electrical heating element behind it.

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Baguette Magique

Baguette Magique – Legacy Choch
penis shaped baguette

“If a flustered mum shoos her kids away from the window of this innocent boulangerie, the cause might be novelty male genitalia bread on display at Paris’s gay pâtissier. Yes, le Marais has an X-rated bakery, run by the two Legay (kid you not) brothers, although only one bats for the team…”

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Yukiko Morita – Pampshade
a handmade product made from real bread.

Yukiko Morita is an artist from Japan and she states on her website: “I love bread, Bread are cute, I’d like to take a long look at it… Bread is always inspiring me.

Pampshade poster

Pampshade -croissant
Pampshade -croissant

These unique lamps made from tasty bread will light you warmly. Pampshade is durable, because of special treatment and resin coating.

Check her website and her global online shop.

Mermaid Toast

Adeline Waugh – “Mermaid” and “Unicorn” toast

Going by names such as “Mermaid” and “Unicorn” toast, these colorful treats are just as healthy for you as they’re beautiful. Made by food blogger Adeline Waugh, the vivid colors of pink, purple, and blue are created from good-for-you ingredients like beet juice, turmeric, spirulina, and blueberry powder.

mermaid toast
Mermaid toast

unicorn toast
Unicorn toast

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Trump Sandwich

The Canadian sandwich artist behind the Trump Sandwich — two slices of white bread, full of baloney — is being bombarded with bad reviews on his Facebook page as angry Trump supporters mobilize an online counterattack.

The Trump Sandwich, which mocks Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, comes with a side of Russian dressing and a tiny pickle, all surrounded by “a wall of Mexican chips.”

Jason Viau/CBC