Haraszti Zsolt – Walls
Performance, 2015, at Mediawave Festival, Wall exhibition

A few days before the action, a door frame with a painted stylized wall was erected on which these texts were added in Hungarian and English:

A wall means self-closure and/or exclusion. This country would be far more livable if the walls were destroyed. This doorway will be build up with bread and dripping. On May 2015 at 19:30, if you are fed up with walls, come and help break them down: Eat a slice with us!

After the artist laid down slices of bread with pork fat, the public helped “eat down” the wall.

More info about the wall exhibition here.

Pub made from bread

Lennie Payne – sculpture of the Rovers Return

2010 feb
Manchester, UK

Soap,bread,pub – they have something in common. The sculpture, was made for the 50th anniversary of Coronation street. It is a replica of the famous Rovers Return pub from the soap.It is made using 135 loaves of bread, 26 crumpets and 24 pancakes. via