Kékesi Donát – wind

photo –  2011
Budapest– Hungary

This photo is part of a set of 3 images made for “Paraphrase Photography Contest” and is reflecting to the photos of Pécsi József.

Over the last decade, an increasing number of  shopping centers appeared in Budapest, which changed fundamentally people’s shopping habits. 60-70 years ago people were buying stuff on the market, grocery store, small shops, from street vendors, etc. but now it became a family program. This work is a reflection about this globally expanding shopping habit.


Me rhino

Vetró BarnabásMe rhino

photo-action –  2009
made in artist’s home
Saint George/Transylvania/Romania

We are allowed to play with the food. The man is free or at least he should be. In this region people have different belief about playing with food, we learned from our ancestors that some things can’t be approached in a profane way.

This work destroys this belief, like the  ad-hoc bread fight at the end of the nineties – at one of the UdvARTer exhibition’s party where they teared a few home made bread and made a long tiring bread fight.


photo: Roth Enikő